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TV shows: Bones, Castle, Doctor Who, Fringe, Rizzoli & Isles, Sanctuary, Sherlock, Stargate, Torchwood, X-Files & others I forget to mention (oops).

Artists: totally amazed by Amanda Tapping, mesmerized by Jenna-Louise Coleman, gobsmacked by Stana Katic., Anna Torv appearing on my dash makes a happey fan out of me. Matt Smith, David Tennant and Robert Downey Jr turn me into a giggly mess.

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u will be missed tim hodlestan :’(

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Holy shit. She did it.

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  • Shepard: "Please send this to an animal shelter for proper disposal as a warship is not an appropriate..." oh, that is NOT okay. She messed with my hamster guys. Now it's personal. Guys? Were you gonna say something, or... No, no, I get it. Hard to even find the words.
  • Garrus and Liara: ...
  • Shepard: Should we check on my fish? Cause if she's getting rid of all the pets...
  • Garrus and Liara: ...
  • Shepard: We should probably deal with her first, huh? All right. Sit tight, little guy. Anybody gives you trouble... go for the eyes.



"Some neighbors came by last night to complain about the noise. I put their bodies in the building incinerator."

I was really horrified for like five seconds, then I talked to her again. “That was a joke.”

God I love EDI’s sense of humor. AIs, I s2g.

i’ll meet you at the bar

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if you’re reading this i hope something good happens to you today

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